"dedicated site teams that have supervised the construction of over 90 vessels from design evaluation to delivery of vessel"

Interorient Shipmanagement has more than 20 years of newbuilding experience during which it has supervised the construction and delivery of over 90 vessels at shipyards in South Korea, China, Germany, Romania and Croatia.

All aspects of newbuilding supervision can be provided commencing with shipyard selection, design evaluation and finalisation of the vessel specifications according to latest standards and regulations.

Drawing approval, maker’s selection and overall supervision of projects is carried out by a dedicated team.

Site teams are established at the shipyard with every step being closely monitored to ensure the delivery of a quality vessel. The teams consist of experienced supervisors covering all major areas such as steel, mechanical, painting and electrical under the management of a Site Office Manager.

After the successful delivery of a vessel its performance is monitored and followed up for continuous improvement.