"marine and environmental management that goes beyond compliance with legislation"

Safety of navigation and efficient performance in all aspects of cargo operations are key elements of successful ship operation. Interorient Shipmanagement has developed robust procedures for the control and execution of safe navigation and cargo operations. Exceeding customer satisfactions heads our priorities and this is enhanced by our experience sharing and the implementation of best practices. Compliance with rules and regulations and industry standards is a requirement but the company aims to be proactive in all areas and goes beyond these rules and regulations.

The company has a high level of compliance with the oil majors’ Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) scheme and pays great attention to the vetting schemes the industry is subject to.

Vessels are also subject to inspections by flag state authorities, port state control and various other bodies and it is essential that vessels achieve good results in these inspections – something Marine Operations closely monitors and controls. Through the company management systems, seafarer training programmes and shore management activities, Interorient Shipmanagement delivers high standards of operation.

Meeting and exceeding environmental rules and regulations plays a major part in the company’s operations. Helping us to achieve this throughout the group and on our vessels is ensuring compliance with ISO14001 – something which has been in place for several years and continues to play a major part in operating our fleet. Our aim is always to improve performance.

Onboard and office security is implemented and monitored closely by our Company Security Officer who oversees all aspects of fleet security. By implementing the ISPS Code and our own additional procedures together with best practice and information sharing we are complying and operating our vessels in a secure environment.