"with extensive years of crew management experience Interorient Shipmanagement is well positioned to effectively source, train and maintain a crew of the highest quality across the fleet"

Interorient Shipmanagement has been a well-established market leader in crew management since 1979. The growth in world trade together with the increasing merchant fleet has created a major challenge in the availability of well-trained seafarers. To meet this challenge our company places great emphasis on sustainable crewing that focuses on the education, training and retention of our seafarers.

More than 90% of our company’s pool of seafarers are drawn from a global network of our owned manning agencies. This permits us to maintain close relations with our seafarers and to exercise careful due diligence over seafarer recruitment, selection and development. This ensures vessels are efficiently manned and their crew are well equipped to deal with the many demands of modern shipping.

Seafarer retention is today a vital element of good crew management and by provision of good services to the seafarer, good working conditions and an attractive employment package, Interorient Shipmanagement is able to achieve a very high retention rate. This enables our company to meet complex industry challenges such as the oil companies tanker experience matrix.

The company offers a comprehensive range of crew management services that may be tailored to a client’s requirements. Our company utilises crewing software specifically developed in-house, which enables us to provide our clients with information on crew planning and crew pooling in line with their requirements.

With an experienced work force spread across its network of offices, Interorient Shipmanagement is well positioned to meet today’s challenges of crew management.